World Series 2017: What you need to know as the Houston Astros & L.A. Dodgers square up

Seeing the rivalry renewed between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees in the World Series for a record 12th time would have been special, but this fall we’ve been gifted in another way. The Houston Astros are set to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday night in Game 1 of... Continue Reading →


Blue Jays Win the A.L East for the First Time in 22 years!

It was a fall Saturday evening on October 23th, 1993. Skydome is packed with anticipating Blue Jay fans eager to witness a second consecutive World Series crown. After a long 9 innings, the Blue Jays step up to bat one run down facing a potential Game 7 in Philadelphia if they don’t  close the game.... Continue Reading →

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