7 Tips To Improve Your FIFA Game

FIFA is a complicated game. The sport in general is tough to understand if you don’t already. It isn’t like hockey or basketball, with three forwards and two defenceman/guards. In soccer/football, you have various formations with different runs, an abundance of set pieces from corners to free kicks, all considering the fact you have to... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Worst Moments In Italian Football: 21st Century

The second leg in the San Siro. A wonderful rendition for an epic ending to World Cup qualifying. That is, what the Italian fans would have hoped for. A perilous night in Sweden for the first leg, meant that the Azzurri, desperately needed a win to qualify for the World Cup. The tension in the... Continue Reading →

Drouin Traded to Montreal!

Marc Bergevin begins his off-season with a blockbuster deal, sending top prospect defenceman Mikhail Sergachev to Tampa Bay for 2013 third-overall pick Jonathan Drouin. Bergevin deemed this as a “difficult decision” trading his first-round choice last year, given the potential Sergachev has to become one of the league’s most elite defenceman. He stated, “It’s a... Continue Reading →

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